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A very long dress with a beautiful cut in the back whose links are finished with moon embroidery.

The pattern is unique!

"LOMI" extra long DRESS designs of embroidered rocks and stones

  • The patterns are imprints of stones that I make with special colored felt pens fixed and which does not move in the wash.

    Here the size on the photo is a small.

    You can choose other colors of linen, or a pattern of one color, other stones to choose from those proposed, in this case, the drawing will be as close as possible to the photo but will be unique, like you.

    Hand wash, or wool program for a gentle spin that does not damage the stones, otherwise, you put the tunic in an airy bag as for fine lingerie.

    You can choose other colors of linen, other stones, I can make the clothes to your exact measurements, mix the stones according to the virtues that you want to assemble.


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