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A magnificent cushion, in European linen, a perfect gift, totally different from what you will find elsewhere, for a contemporary, natural and unique interior decoration, because your cushion will be hand embroidered for you, with real semi-precious stones in my workshop, near Paris.

Look on my site what are the virtues of embroidered stones, because you can choose the ones you want and in another color of linen. Contact me !


A great cover for pillow, made with European linen, totally different than all what you could find usually. A perfect gift! To make a contemporary, natural and unique interior look

Pure European linen. Hand embroidered real half precious stones in my studio in Paris area-France.

It is interesting to read on my site, the benefits of stones, because you can also order the stones you prefer on our choice, and another linen color, then I will do it specially for you, please contact me.

Cushion cover embroidered with real rhodocrosites

  • The measurements are 30cm x 70cm + the embroidered part which is 5cm wide. So: 35cm x 70cm.

    You can choose other colors of linen, other stones, your model will become unique! Contact me!!

    Washing advice: by hand or wool program and ideally you put your cover in a mesh pocket as for lingerie. This will protect your stones. Leave to dry in the sun to restore their virtues.


    Measurement: 11.81 in x 27.55 in + the embroidered part width1.96 in . So total is 13.77 in x 27.55 in. 

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